Show #27 - Flashback Live

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Sat, 05/25/2019 - 12:15pm


Opener - Dreams Go By by Harry Chapin
Song 1 - W.O.L.D. by Richie Havens. Played by Joe
Song 2 - What Is Hip? by Tower Of Power. Played by Scott
Song 3 - Snow In San Anselmo by Van Morrison. Played by Joe
Song 4 - Sugarcoated by Aimee Mann. Played by Scott
Song 5 - Let Me Roll It by Paul McCartney & Wings. Played by Joe
Song 6 - The Logical Song by Roger Hodgson. Played by Scott
Song 7 - Cheap by Flo & Eddie. Played by Joe
Song 8 - Solo 7 by Buddy Rich. Played by Scott
Song 9 - This Wheel's On Fire by The Byrds. Played by Joe
Song 10 - Eyesight To The Blind Jam by Eric Clapton & Santana. Played by Scott
Song 11 - Is She Really Going Out With Him? by Joe Jackson. Played by Joe
Song 12 - Living For The City by Stevie Wonder. Played by Scott
Song 13 - I'm Not Like Everybody Else by The Kinks. Played by Joe