019 Undocumented Immigrants and Kidney Transplants: An Inspiring Story

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Mon, 06/03/2019 - 7:00am to 7:30am
Episode 19
In this talk show the host and guest address varied topics exploring ways to create a more just and healthy community and a better world. Host Dr. Martin Donohoe is a physician-educator-activist and textbook author from the Portland Oregon area.


This episode presents background on undocumented immigrants and counters common myths. I discuss how immigrants pay a variety of taxes, without being eligible for government benefits, and how their health care contributions heavily subsidize Medicare’s Trust Fund. I then discuss the issue of kidney transplants for undocumented immigrants with medical student Kristen Pallock, an award-winning activist who helped create a program and pass legislation in Illinois to allow undocumented immigrants to receive kidney transplants, saving lives while also saving the state money.  Our guest, Kristen Pallock, is a 4th year medical student at Rush Medical College, recipient of American Public Health Association’s 2018 Student Activist Award.

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