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Thu, 10/08/2009 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Why Aren't Portland Police Being Held Accountable?

The list of city residents who've become victims at the hands of the Portland police continues to grow, leading Oregonian columnist Anna Griffin to observe the news stories about these incidents "makes the Rose City's finest look like thugs with badges." In the meantime, Chief Rosie Sizer's finding on the death of James Chasse - and her failure to punish the offending officers - suggests police accountability remains little more than a joke in our city. Why can't Portland hold its police force accountable? Should the mayor take back the police commissioner duties from Commissioner Saltzman? Where's the city auditor's Independent Police Review division in all this?

Jo Ann and Dave talk with Jason Renaud of the Mental health Association of Portland. Renuad's organization and other community groups are calling for the voluntary resignations of officers Kyle Nice, Christopher Humphreys and Bret Burton for the roll they played in the death of James Chasse, a mentally ill Portland who died in police custody. Dave and Jo Ann also look at how current contract negotiations between the city and the Portland Police Association affect efforts to create more accountability within the police bureau.

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