Interview with Rodeo Activist Eric Mills


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Mon, 01/28/2019 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Eric Mills Action for Animals-Oakland
Eric Mills of Action for Animals reveals the dark side of rodeo


On this episode of Voices for the Animals, host Courtney Scott talks to long time anti rodeo activist Eric Mills of Action for Animals-Oakland. Eric takes us on a journey to the dark side or rodeo, where he explains no rodeo events, calf roping etc, were ever practiced by real cowboys. Eric has succeeded in getting three bills passed in California that restrict and ban certain rodeo practices. He is especially proud of his letter of support from Cesar Chavez. Eric also tackles the question of why rodeo continues despite the many reports of abuse to the horses, steers, calves and other animals exploited for rodeo.

Tune in or listen later to the podcast of this riveting discussion with Eric Mills, who 30 years ago first witnessed the cruelty inherent in rodeo and has been working as an unpaid volunteer to change ever since.

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