On the " Civility" Question

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Fri, 12/07/2018 - 8:00am to 9:00am

Join us for conversation about behavior, accountability, forgiveness, and historicism. 

When George H W Bush died last Friday, corporate press and social media began pouring out the condolences to a "great and noble man".  They called him a "great statesmen", a "good family man", and praised him as "America's last great soldier statesman, a 20th century founding father." 

But some of us knew a very different man.  While we hear about lovable Grampy Bush, the nobel, soldier statesmen, some of us remember the 41st president as the former Director of the CIA, an agency long involved with American hegemony, advanced under pain of torture and assassination.  We remember him as the President that orchestrated the Invasion of Panama, of the 1991 edition of the Gulf War, and the President who was unresponsive to one of the largest public health crisis in the last 100 years, being the AIDS epidemic.

This is merely the latest incursion of calls for civility to our "social betters".  When current administration officials are booed out of restaurants, we hear cries of moral outrage, demanding respect from the rabble. And yet the current resident of the White House has called for violence at rallies from his followers towards those that oppose him.

Frankly, the hypocrisy makes my head spin at a dizzying rate.

Joining me by phone this morning is community organizer David Hazeltine.

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