Press**Watch: There is no peace

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Thu, 06/14/2018 - 9:00am to 10:00am
news you're not supposed to know

Question: what happens to those who seal a deal with Donald Trump?


Answer: They are betrayed.  The Minority President has reneged on every major agreement in his life.  He has filed bankruptcy many times, in order to avoid taking responsibility for his disastrous business dealings from England to Atlantic City.  He has always had the retinue of the very rich around him, and that coterie has ensured that claimants against his false promises are met with evasions, legalisms, and denial.  The "deal" with North Korea is no different.


There is no change in the war footing with North Korea.  After exacerbating the situation with blustering threats for more than a year, both dictators (as Fox News said) have met in Singapore.  That is exactly what Kim Jong Un has been demanding for years.  In fact, the legitimacy dealt to the North Korean leader is so important that he created a movie about it--years ago. (Tune in for details...)

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