Religion & Gender Part I


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Mon, 12/15/2008 - 4:00pm

This episode of Gender Blender addressed religion/spirituality and gender.  Hosts Rebecca Nay and Jacob Anderson-Minshall were joined in studio by Reverend Nathan Meckley, Senior Pastor at Portland Oregon’s MCC, and Reverend Dr. Frodo Okulam, from Sister Spirit (, a women’s spirituality group.  Okulam also teaches classes on women’s spirituality as part of Portland State University’s Women Studies.


In this first of two parts down load,

includes an earlier phone interview with Fatemeh Fakhraie an Iranian-American Muslim woman who writes articles about race, religion, feminism and the prejudice Islamic women face in the west. Fatemeh is the founder and editor of Muslimah Media Watch ( The hosts also speak with Martin Rawlings-Fein, who joined the discussion from San Francisco, where the bisexual transsexual activist has held positions with FTM International, the San Francisco Transgender, Empowerment, Advocacy and Mentorship, and the Native American Task Force of the Human Rights Commission. He’s also the filmmaker behind Clocked: An Oral History. A lay leader at San Francisco’s LGBT affiliated synagogue, Martin is also a graduate student in Jewish Studies at Hebrew College.

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