The Non-human Rights Project with Prof. Steven Wise


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Mon, 05/28/2018 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Dab Steadman & Professor Wise discuss his work with the "Non-human Rights Project" and efforts to attain 'legal personhood' for some non-human animals."

Dab Steadman talks with Steven Wise, founder & driving force behind the Non-human Rights Project, about his lifelong battle to break down the legal wall separating human animals from  non-human ones in the eyes of the court. 

 Professor Wise is a legal scholar and practicing attorney who for the past 30 years has specialized in animal protection issues. He has taught courses in animal law at several schools, including Harvard, Stanford and Lewis & Clark College.   Mr. Wise has also authored 4 important books, has been the subject of a documentary film (“Unlocking the Cage”), and attends animal rights conferences all over the world...including the  “Free the Elephants International Conference & Film Fest” in Portland, OR (April 27-29th, 2018).   The Yale Law Journal has called him “one of the pistons of the Animal Rights movement”.

In this interview, Professor Wise shares why he felt compelled to start the “Non-human Rights Project”,  why attaining “personhood status” for some animals is so significant,  and how he’s framed his legal arguments in the courts.  He sums up his thoughts by saying that “Animals shouldn’t be treated like animals”!

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