Right to Health focuses on racism as a public health issue

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Wed, 03/28/2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Founder Leslie Gregory of Right to Health discusses reasons and ways to end, and heal from, the disease of racism

Leslie Gregory has been working to bring attention to racism as a national, public health crisis.  As the founder of the non-profit Right to Health US, she has challenged the Center for Disease Control to declare racism a public health threat, including this petition at MoveOn. Right to Health is focussed on how racial inequity creates health disparities that have a vast human and financial cost for our society and our nation’s standing in world; and the organization uses a restorative and health perspective to help people recognize racial inequities, and empowers people with tools to mitigate conflict and stress. 

A certified Physician Assistant (PA-C), navy veteran, and mother of two, Leslie is a longtime  Portlander and social justice activist focused on healing those affected by everyday racism. She is an experienced antiracist facilitator and conflict resolution mediator.  Leslie writes and conducts research on the health impacts of racism for ALL Americans with a clinical and public health lens, accessing the humanistic and preventive approach. She encourages people to use empathy, introspection and intention around interpersonal and sociopolitical engagement. She speaks with host Stephanie Potter and guest-host Paul Cienfuegos.

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