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Fri, 02/09/2018 - 9:00am
John Shuck speaks with Executive Director, Glenn Montgomery, about issues facing Washington County.


On the next Beloved Community, John Shuck speaks with Glenn Montogomery. He is the executive director of  Vision Action Network.  The mission of Vision Action Network is "to engage stakeholders across sectors to collaboratively address critical issues in Washington County.” Some of those issues  include income inequality, cultural diversity, and housing and houselessness. We will also discuss initiatives such as Washington County Thrives that "is focused on a comprehensive, long-term investment strategy in proven programs that support people on their path to self-sufficiency." John will take your phone calls as we work together to build the Beloved Community.

Glenn Montgomery's bio:

"Glenn grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, moved to Oregon in 1983 to attend University of Portland, and never looked back. He has over 30 years of experience that span the business, nonprofit, government, and faith-based sectors. For roughly 11 years, Glenn worked as a software developer, implementation team leader, and business development executive on behalf of several multi-national corporations. He spent another 12 years working in the government, nonprofit, and business sectors to promote sustainability and economic development in green building and clean technology. The remainder of his career has been in service to the nonprofit, education, and faith communities as a coordinator and facilitator of human services."

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