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Tue, 12/12/2017 - 11:00am to 11:30am
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Ashley Roland
Jamey Hampton

Susannah Mars of the Adventures in Artslandia podcast presents her interview with Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton, co-artistic directors of Body Vox. BodyVox leaps into its 20th Anniversary Season runs through December 16th 

All shows are at the BodyVox Dance Center located at 1201 NW 17th Avenue Portland, Oregon. Ticket prices start at $30 and are available online at, at the BodyVox Dance Center, and by calling 503.229.0627.

BodyVox fuses dance and technology in an exploration of space, sound, light, and motion, exemplifying BodyVox’s legacy of pushing the bounds of our senses and perceptions. Lexicon re-examines and expands the idea of live performance as dancers interact with infrared sensors, live video graphic generation, and animation creating a stage experience like no other.

Collaborating with BodyVox is Italian avant-garde composer Ludovico Einaudi, with a unique musical alchemy that draws on elements of classical, rock, electronica and world music he has rendered traditional ideas of genre and the audience divide obsolete. His film scores have won awards for 'Doctor Zhivago' (2002) and 'Sotto Falso Nome' (2004). Hampton and Roland first collaborated with Einaudi in 1989 in the ISO show "Time Out" and again for a show at Oregon Ballet Theater. Ludovico's score "Twice" creates a riveting partner to programmer Wade Olsen's live graphic generation of dance using Xbox infrared readers. Olsen has a 20-year history of conceiving and developing software for innovative graphics displays, including the "FoxTrax" hockey puck tracking software that is used during Broadcast games. Lexicon includes premieres of a new film by BodyVox and long time collaborator and film maker Mitchell Rose, as well as a new piece created in collaboration with acclaimed animator Mike Smith. Smith was the lead character designer in the Oscar nominated Laika Studios feature "The Boxtrolls" and is a BAFTA and ANNIE nominated director.  

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