17-year-old author Jolie Brownell

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Thu, 12/07/2017 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Jolie Brownell

Teen author and blogger Jolie Brownell is committed to helping other young girls boost their confidence. Her book Me Too: Just a Collection of Reasons why You are so Freakin'... contains inspiring short stories, quotes and poems covering four topics: Body acceptance, confidence, goal setting and healthy relationships.

'Me Too' is a "collection of reasons why you are so freakin' beautiful, powerful, unique, badass, and good enough" - just for starters ;)  Written by a teen for teens - Jolie shares pieces of her journey towards self-love, coupled with uplifting messages.  While these messages and short stories are Jolie's way of saying "me too", she has also intentionally left white space for others to write in their personal stories and messages as their own gesture of saying "me too". 

The companion for this is MTG  <https://www.metoogirl.com/>  {short for Me Too Girl}, a blog she started to go along with the book.

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