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Tue, 11/07/2017 - 11:00am to 11:30am
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Anthony Lam and Crystal Ann Muñoz in Water by the Spoonful. Photo by David Kinder.
Anthony Lam and in The Happiest Song Plays Last. Photo by David Kinder.
Jimmy Garcia  in The Happiest Song Plays Last. Photo by David Kinder.
Anthony Lam, Josh Hecht & Dmae


Dmae features Profile Theatre's productions of Water By The Spoonful and
The Happiest Song Plays Last by Quiara Alegría Hudes currently running in repertory. We'll talk with artistic director Josh Hecht and actor Anthony Lam who stars in both plays.

(Airs 11am 11/7/17 on KBOO 90.7 FM or always on and always on  iTunes)

Water By The Spoonful and
The Happiest Song Plays Last
in rotating repertory through Nov 19th

Profile Theatre, Alder Stage, Artists Repertory Theatre, 1516 S.W. Alder St.
Tickets: $20-$38; or 503-242-0080

"Spoonful and Happiest Song are tent poles--one deals with a community's despair and the other with a community's joy. The two plays dance the space between these deeply human emotions. How do we gain resilience and love from our pain? How do we party on the brink of tragedy? I'm so glad that audiences will get to see them together for the first time." – Quiara Alegría Hudes

Water by the Spoonful

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Elliot has returned from the war in Iraq and is struggling to find his place in the world. Somewhere in a chat room, recovering addicts forge an unbreakable bond of support and love. In this fearless, heart-stirring Pulitzer Prize-winner, worlds virtual and real unfold onstage, challenging our notions of family, forgiveness, community, and courag

Anthony Lam as Elliot
Crystal Ann Muñoz as Yaz
Bobby Bermea as Chutes and Ladders
Akari Anderson as Orangutan
Duffy Epstein as Fountainhead
Julana Torres as Odessa
Wasim No’Mani as Ghost

The Happiest Song Plays Last

Iraq War vet Elliot has a bright new career: movie star. But shooting a film on location in Jordan, with the tumultuous Arab Spring rumbling nearby, he finds that his wartime nightmares have followed him into his new life. Back in Philadelphia, his cousin Yaz has her hands full cooking for the homeless and trying to keep her beloved community from crumbling. Set to the joyful sounds of traditional Puerto Rican folk music, this final play of Hudes’ trilogy chronicles a year in the life of these two kindred souls as they search for love, meaning and a sense of hope in a quickly changing world.
Anthony Lam as Elliot
Crystal Ann Muñoz as Yaz
Jimmy Garcia as Augustin
Duffy Epstein as Lefty
Wasim No’Mani as Ali
Dre Slaman as Shar

Water by the Spoonful Schedule

Wednesday November 8th 7:30pm

Friday, November 10th 7:30pm

Saturday, November 11th 2:00pm

Thursday, November 16th 7:30pm

Saturday, November 18th 2:00pm

Sunday, November 19th 2:00pm

The Happiest Song Plays Last Schedule 

Thursday, November 9th 7:30pm

Saturday, November 11th 7:30pm

Sunday, November 12th 2:00pm

Friday, November 17th 7:30pm

Saturday, November 18th 7:30pm

Sunday, November 19th 7:30pm

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