Talking Earth with Moss Angel


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Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm
Sea Witch by Moss Angel
Talking Earth with Moss Angel

Moss Angel will talk about their Sea Witch series, volume 2 of which just came out.  Camille Perry hosts.

Sea-Witch Volume 1 is a genre-phobic novel-in-fragments of contemporary transsexuality that focuses on the life of a girl monster named Sara who lives inside a witch-god named Sea-Witch. Follow the occult fairytale story of how this young monster came to be, of the origins of Sea-Witch, of Sea-Witch’s god family that preceded her & of 78 men who cause pain by using their laws and cops against monsters like Sea-Witch. Also there’s lots of hot trans-on-trans sex.

Moss Angel is an agender writer, artist & witch living in portland. They are author of five books, most recently Sea-Witch volumes 1 and 2, an ongoing multimedia queer mythology series that incorporates image, text & scribbles to tell the story of oppressed monsters surviving in a world controlled by evil men. Their work is online at


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