How I Wrote 'The Deadliest Prey'

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Sun, 08/31/2008 - 5:00pm

Controversy erupts in the bewildering aftermath of the airing of an extemely violent radio drama involving murderous Blackwater Contractors, scantily clad women and sanctimonious senators. Listen at your own risk to HOW I WROTE THE DEADLIEST PREY. 

This one is a tale about the aftermath of airing a previous Ubu Hour episode, and some of the complaint it generated. It does contain violence (including an extremely graphic descriptions of a maiming and a blinding), sex, profanity, graphic descriptions  and other material that might be considered offensive to some listeners, and in fact about two thirds of the way in we even appologize for ten minutes for all the offensive material we aired.  This aired a day after the conclusion of KBOO's incredible 101 hour DADA and Surrealism festival....   


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