Ep.8 Watermelon Soup for the Solar Eclipse

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Mon, 08/21/2017 - 11:30am to 12:15pm
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August 2017 - Since National Watermelon Day falls in August, we have prepared for you an episode that is nothing less than refreshing, just like the delicious fruit itself, the wonderful watermelon! And because the solar eclipse aligns with the new moon, which is also our release date, we are calling this episode... 

Watermelon Soup for the Solar Eclipse!


We will also be introducing you to the world of Ayurveda -- The Healing Science of the Sun --with the guidance of the ever kind & knowing Elyssia Schaeffer.


Her workshop: Ayurvedic Nutrition & Self Care for Autumnal Equinox, is September 6th at the Souwester Lodge in  Seaview, WA   www.souwesterlodge.com  or call 360-642-2542  to register


This episode's music is inspired by a flash back to when artist Rachel Sigel http://rachelsiegel.net and Tave made a short film aply titled,  It's A Watermelon!   Get ready for some fun little diddies you can’t help but hum to including:

Tom Rosenthal, Watermelon   http://tomrosenthal.co.uk

The Maybellines, Watermelon   http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-maybellines-mn0000889683/songs

Nancy Tucker,  Watermelon    http://www.nancytucker.info

Desert Storm, New Trition   https://www.facebook.com/desertstormuk/

Raffi, Down Where The Watermelons Grow   http://www.raffinews.com


New to our Peace, Love and Soup family, Coco the Correspondent, from the KBOO youth collective, bringing us a special "On the Street," segment: 

How do Portlanders Pick the Perfect Watermelon?!


We have many juicy tidbits of information we can hardly wait to share with you, for this momentous event: The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.


Stay Calm & Watermelon!


Tave & Brian



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