Ep.7 Chillin with Chili

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Sun, 07/23/2017 - 2:45am to 3:30am

July 2017 - This month we’re doing things differently -- we’re chillin! 


We’re dedicating the entire episode to Tom Hood (Tommy Hollywood), Chief Engineer at KBOO radio. A man of many talents — Chili Champ, Composer, Producer, Humorist & all around nice guy— deserves this honor. Check out his self described “serious nonsense” @ TravelingRadio.com


Peace, Love and Soup, along with Tommy, are guests on the Portland radio program, "The Monday Sampler”.  We have a big ole hoedown with their fine crew: Fortunado, Just Jess & PBK  http://kboo.fm/program/monday-sampler


Our "In The Kitchen” segment is on location this month, as we challenge Tommy to a sidewalk chili-cook off in front of the station:


Tave's 6 Bean Vegan White Chili  vs  Tommy's Texas Bowl O’Red


All music and sound effect were created and by Tom Hood & Spook The Cat!


Thanks again, Tommy! 


It's a beautiful summer day, go float on the river, enjoy some chili and chill.


Peace, Love and (of course)…. Soup!


Tave & Brian



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