08- Gary Butterfield's Butterfavorites (GUEST: Gary Butterfield of DuckFeed.TV)


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Fri, 05/19/2017 - 5:00am to 6:30am

Gary Butterfield, co-founder of the popular podcast network DuckFeed.TV (home to such popular podcasts as Watch Out For Fireballs! and Bonfireside Chat) drops by to discuss some of his favorite video game music tracks. From Japanese lounge crooning to electronica and beyond, we have quite a varied tracklist here. 

On today's program:

  • Bernard's Theme - Maniac Mansion (NES) (Dave Hayes, George “The Fat Man” Sanger)
  • Bard’s Music - Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar (NES) (Seiji Toda)
  • Damp Tomb - King's Field 4 (PS2) (Tsukasa Saito)
  • Science is Fun - Portal 2 (PC) (Mike Morasky)
  • Mute City - F Zero (SNES) (Yumoki Kanki, Naoto Ishida)
  • High Above the Land - Shovel Knight (PS4) (Jake Kaufman)
  • Monster Dance - Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest (NES) (Kenichi Matsubara, Kouji Murata, Satoe Terashima)
  • Que Sera Sera - Katamari Damacy (PS2) (Yuu Miyake)
  • Thrilling! Is this Love? - Rhythm Heaven (DS) (Masami Yone, Tsunku)
  • Opening - Incredible Crisis (PS1) (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)
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