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Thu, 04/13/2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

The inundation of increasingly compact technology is said to 'free us up' from being tied to one place, enabling us to create larger (global) communities, based on our interests and ideologies.  What we have seen though, is that this has led to the marketing and perpetuation of narcissism, soundbites and helplessness.  People (in general) recognize their material conditions, and even know that they system, as Mutabaruka once said, "is a fraud."  Still, we are trained to mobilize and organize around our own interests, to a point where we don't connect that the system which attacks us attacks many others as well.  We look at other systemically oppressed groups as'the enemy,' as opposed to the system which creates and enables the conditions we live under.  

From the physical attack of David Dao by the police on United Airlines, to the military/state-sanctioned attacks on Syria; there is always one constant connection- profit motive.  Political and economic destabilization.  Imperialism and colonialism.  Many conversations around these events tend to distract us from the work we need to be, or could be doing, in relation to our liberation.

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