Activist Mole Calendar for March 27, 2017


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Mon, 03/27/2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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ICE resistance, Socially Responsible Investment, Families and Prison, Reporductive Justice, independence from War

M 3/27 Respond to ICE detention of Francisco J Rodriguez Dominguez

Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez is a 25-year-old and a DACA recipient who was detained by ICE agents without a warrant at his Portland home on Sunday morning. It was reported that Francisco entered into a DUII diversion program which he completed all the program requirements. We condemn these actions! Friends of Francisco will be speaking at the rally.
Where: ICE Office in Portland at 4310 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239-4222, United States
When:Monday, March 27, 2017
Time: 3:00 p.m.

Action Sponsored by: and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario, Friends and of Francisco Rodriguez.

Call ICE at 503 326 3302 to demand Francisco's release.


T 3/28 Ending the New Jim Crow

WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?  Preserving Families & Protecting Children of Incarcerated Parents

Tuesday, March 28 (6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)

Contact: Kathryn Scotten

Room B302-303 Buchan Building, First Unitarian Church (Enter from 12th, between buildings.)

FREE — All Welcome.  Jessica Katz is the director of the Family Preservation Project (FPP) at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville.  A program of the YWCA of Greater Portland, FPP uses a holistic, family-centered approach to help incarcerated women rehabilitate, form connections with their families, and prepare for lives after incarceration.  In addition to talking about FPP and its outcomes, Jessica will discuss the disproportionate impact on women of Measure 57, which imposed longer sentences for certain nonviolent crimes, including drug offenses, and Senate Bill 241, which would create a task force to look at adopting the Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights.  For more information about FPP and a trailer of the film Mothering Inside, go to: 

Related reading: The Sentencing Project’s Fact Sheet: Incarcerated Women and Girls (


W 3/29 Tell City Council : No More Investing in Prison Profiteers

Please contact the Council as soon as possible and then plan to attend the March 29 City Council meeting at 2 pm at the Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Ave. right next to City Hall.

Wednesday March 29th, the City Council of Portland will hear public testimonies on why we need to keep the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) committee and why the SRIC's Do-Not-Buy-List should be adopted.  Please call or email at your earliest opportunity the members of Portland's City Council to ask them to continue the city's Socially Responsible Investments policy and affirm the recommendation of the Socially Responsible Investments Committee to place four companies on the City's Do-Not-Buy list. The four companies are prison profiteer Wells Fargo, Caterpillar, Nestle, and Amazon.  The City is threatening to end the SRI policy and leave our investment decisions to the City Treasurer and a Wall Street firm. This is not only an undemocratic maneuver to prevent the community from having a say in how our tax dollars are invested but also prevents human rights violations from being considered in the City's investment portfolio.

Commissioner Nick Fish:  503-823-3589

Commissioner Amanda Fritz: 503-823-3008

Commissioner Dan Saltzman: 503-823-4151

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly: 503-823-4682

Mayor Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4120


Enjoy Staceyann Chin reading "The Low Road" by Marge Piercy


S 4/2 2pm-4pm Ending the New Jim Crow

BEYOND OPPRESSION: Understanding White Privilege

Sunday, April 2 (2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Rooms B301, B302 and B303 Buchan Building

FREE — All Welcome.  Dana Buhl will engage participants in understanding white privilege and patterns that protect it.  This awareness can help us thoughtfully involve more people in the conversation to take effective action for humane immigration and racial justice.  This event will offer opportunities to engage in actions to address injustice in our communities.  Cosponsored by the Immigrant Justice Action Group (IJAG) and Ending the New Jim Crow.


S 4/2 Portland Democractic Socialists Of America Host A Film Screening And Discussion About Reproductive Justice 

Sunday, April 2nd, from 7-9pm at SEIU 503: 6401 SE Foster Rd, Portland. Childcare will be provided free of charge on site.

Contact: Cari Luna       917-771-6031

The feminist branch of Portland Democratic Socialists of America presents "Being There,” a documentary short film directed by Jan Haaken that features the work of abortion providers in Portland, Oregon, and tells the story of their ties to the larger medical community. Guided by anti-stigma research, the film shows how abortion is part of a continuum of care and how anti-abortion stigma within the health care system affects the lives of providers, many of whom are viewed as "rogue physicians" in their professional fields.

The event will take place on Sunday, April 2nd, from 7-9pm at SEIU 503: 6401 SE Foster Rd, Portland. Childcare will be provided free of charge on site.

Following the screening of the film, there will be a moderated discussion featuring a panel of activists and the filmmaker to explore different feminist politics around abortion rights, some of the history of organizing around reproductive rights in Oregon, looking at reproductive healthcare through an intersectional/social justice lens, and the current campaign around Oregon HB 3391—a bill endorsed by DSA that also is part of a national movement for reproductive justice.


Stephanie DeGooyer, Assistant Professor of English and Women’s and Gender
Studies at Willamette University.


Jan Haaken is professor emeritus of psychology at Portland State University, a clinical psychologist, and documentary filmmaker. She has published extensively in the areas of psychoanalysis and feminism, the history of psychiatric diagnosis, the psychology of storytelling, group responses to violence and the dynamics of social change. She is currently working on a series of documentary films focused on reproductive health care internationally.

Johanna Brenner is an American feminist and sociologist whose writing and thought is in the socialist-feminist vein. In 1981 she began teaching in the sociology department at Portland State University where she served from 1982 to 2005 as coordinator of its women's studies program. She is now emeritus professor. Brenner has contributed to New Left Review, Monthly Review and other periodicals. In 1993 she worked with Catherine Sameh and Kathryn Tetrick to open In Other Words Women's Books and Resources.

Cordella Hopson is an activist and social worker who has a long history of organizing around childcare and communities of color in Portland. She has worked with the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform to advocate for community oversight as well as Self Enhancement, Inc., a non-profit that is dedicated to guiding underserved youth to realize their full potential through academic, sports, wellness and job shadowing programs.

Zeenia Junkeer is the Director of Equity and Community Engagement for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and a primary care Naturopathic physician, working to identify ways to make health care more accessible for communities of color through the practice of culturally affirming and responsive care. Junkeer describes her work as “at the intersection of advocating for equitable preventative health and wellness practices and culturally appropriate support for communities disproportionately affected by poverty, marginalization and oppression.”


T 4/4 Reading King

A public reading of Martin Luther King's 1967 Riverside Church speech "A Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam," also known as his Riverside Church speech, is being planned for April 4, the fiftieth anniversary of the speech, which he delivered exactly a year before his April 4, 1968 assassination. The location of the reading has not yet been determined, but it will be at a downtown location, with people gathering at 4 p.m.--again, that's this coming April 4. The event is sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and Peace and Justice Works.

If you're interested in participating in the event and are willing to read a passage from the speech, contact Dan Shea at


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