Queer Politics and Survival: present, past, and....?

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Tue, 12/13/2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Snapshots of queer struggles for dignity and safety, in America: We'll hear a series of audio pieces by Jason T. Ingram, a Portland area artist and musician who stared down religious conservatism in the harshest possible way - by attending gay conversion therapy, in the South. Since heading west, Jason has used his art as a means of recovery, and also to help broadcast the dangers of this terrible trauma that some of us undergo. 

Then, we're going back - all the way to 1976, and the 'Faggots and Class Struggle Conference'. We're going to hear about ten minutes of a discussion recorded as part of a conference summary, of gay men seeking philosophical grounding for class and gender consciousness.

We'll take a spin around in the globe in current LGBTQ news with syndicated LGBQT news program This Way Out: 'Trump's cabinet picks shelve LGBT rights, voters end the reign of Gambia's homophobic Jammeh, and a close UN vote saves its newly created LGBT rights watchdog.'

To close out, we'll listen in on a KPFT Radio Queer Voices discussion of currently-proposed anti-trans and anti-gay legislation in Texas. Texas is just one place of many where conservative/right-wing politicians and enablers are coming out strong, year after year. 




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