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Thu, 12/01/2016 - 9:00am to 9:30am
Stand and fight.

Yes, the election was stolen and yes, it matters.  We must now fight with every ounce of our bright strong loving hearts against the fascist colossus that now rises.  We must not fail in this fight, and we cannot put it off; the fight has found us.  

I pledge to you to strengthen myself now, in every physical, mental and spiritual category, so that I can stand along side each one of you to the utmost of my ability.  I will have thirty minutes to raise money for KBOO, and I am honored to have that responsibility, and I know this moment, this membership drive, this apocalyptic crisis is the test that will determine whether this community rises like lions or withers into defeat.

Consider this, please: thirty minutes that becomes a great voice, a trumpeting shout of defiance and compassion that stuns the smug election thieves and makes them quiver with fear, with the sure knowledge that their day is done, and that they will have not one moment of peace until they are utterly defeated and removed from power.

I expect you to call this Station and take your side.  If you do not have money for the Station at this time, please find a friend to join.  For the Earth, for our beloved community, for justice, stand and fight.


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