Election 2016: Syndicated Version


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Sun, 10/16/2016 - 6:30am
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Trump, Clinton, and Sacred Art and Activism

This is the syndicated version of the Beloved Community.

This is the election episode.   I speak with Laurence Leamer author of The President’s Butler, a fictional account of a billionaire who decides to run for president.

Afraid of Trump becoming president?  Well, don’t be too thrilled about the alternative.  Professor Mark Lewis Taylor of Princeton Seminary has written a couple of articles for Counterpunch in which he lays out the case for defeating both Trump and Clintonian  Neo-Liberalism.  Here is a transcript of the interview created by Professor Taylor.

Amy Livingstone is the proprietor of Sacred Art Studio in Portland. Amy explores the intersection of theology, ancestral ways of knowing, environmentalism, and spiritual ecology.  We discuss the role of spirituality and sacred art in activism for the earth.

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