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Mon, 06/27/2016 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Seth Tibbott, The Tofurky Co.
Interview with Seth Tibbott, founder of The Tofurky Company.

Host Dab Steadman talks with Seth Tibbott, the founder and chairman of The  Tofurky Company about the development of Tokurky-  the first plant-based meat-alternative to a turkey dinner sold commercially in the US.  Seth tells us what motivated him to switch his career to become a New Age food pioneer and the founder of a company whose business motto is to "put people, animals and the environment over profits".   Seth describes his environmentally-designed & operated LEED-certified production plant in Hood River, OR, and what it means to be a " B-Certified" company.   We also discuss  some of the ways that his company has helped animal and environmental causes...and why his line of plant-based foods are now in great demand in Europe.  We end by talking about the future of food world-wide.

Please note that The Tokurky Company will again be a sponsor of the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles this July. 

For  information about The Tofurky Company, products, recipes,  plant-based nutrition & more, visit the website:

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