David Barsamian on Alternative Radio and World Affairs

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Fri, 01/29/2016 - 9:00am to 10:00am
David Barsamian on Alternative Radio and World Affairs

Host Per Fagereng speaks with David Barsamian of Alternative Radio about the challenges in getting and keeping AR on the airwaves. Recently AR was abruptly removed from the weekly programming schedule of KLCC in Eugene.

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is a weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media. 

Later in the hour David and Per will discuss current issues related to Saudi, Turkey, Egypt, and Syria.

One of America's most tireless and wide-ranging investigative journalists, David Barsamian has altered the independent media landscape, both with his weekly radio show Alternative Radio—now in its 30th year—and his books with Noam Chomsky, Eqbal Ahmad, Howard Zinn, Tariq Ali, Richard Wolff, Arundhati Roy and Edward Said. His latest book of interviews with Noam Chomsky is Power Systems. His best-selling books with Chomsky have been translated into many languages. He lectures on world affairs, imperialism, capitalism, propaganda, the media, the economic crisis and global rebellions. Click for a list of recent speaking topics.

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