When We Fight We Win! 21st Century Social Movements & the Activists Transforming our World

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Wed, 01/27/2016 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Greg Jobin-Leeds and AgitArte discuss their book "When We Fight, We Win!

What hinders and what fosters social change? To find out,Greg Jobin-Leeds joined with Agite Art —a collective of innovative artists and organizers, to interview activists from a diverse cross section of the 21st century movements that are transforming our world.  The result is the book When We Fight, We Win! Author Greg Jobin-Leeds and his co-authors, AgitArte’s Jorge Díaz Ortiz and Osvaldo Budet Meléndez, will speak with host Stephanie Potter on what they’ve discovered about the stories, philosophies, tactics and art of six of today’s most pressing movements: immigrant rights, the environmental movement and climate change, prison justice, the LGBTQ movement, the struggle for economic power, and the fight for quality public education.

Greg Jobin-Leeds and AgiteArt will also be speaking in the evening from 7 - 9 pm at the Reading Frenzy. ChangeLab's Scot Nakagawa, and poet and educator, Walidah Imarisha, will also be there.  It will be a multimedia evening full of stories, art, and theatre!    Wednesday, Jan 27 at 3628 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, 7-9 pm.

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