Creative Placemaking with Patrick McCulley


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Mon, 11/23/2015 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm
The Union of Time Thieves: Creative Placemaking with Patrick McCulley

The Union of Time Thieves explores the idea of creative spacemaking with saxophonist Patrick McCulley. Creative spacemaking is a concept that applies to how people make space for art/music in their lives or how a physical creative space is made through performance.

Patrick recently released an EP entitled Fierce, and has this to say about the project:

As a musician and saxophonist I love to question and experiment. I am fascinated by the vast tonal range and technical possibilities of the saxophone. Using these tones and techniques I’ve written music for solo alto saxophone that gives a voice to deep-seated human emotions. Emotions that rarely have an outlet in other forms of music. My intention with this music and style is raw, gritty, unrelenting beauty. Not pretty music, but the beauty of a complex expression of what it means to be human. Fierce is my first album and an attempt to teach myself a new style of music while hoping to connect my listeners to an ancient and undiscovered part of their own existence.

Learn more about Patrick and his musical practice, and be sure to tune into this month's episode:
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