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Mon, 09/28/2015 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Killing Cormorants on the Columbia- the attempts by the Portland Audubon Society to stop it.

Dab Steadman talks with Bob Sallinger, Conservation Director at the Audubon Society of Portland, about the government plan to kill a huge number of double-crested cormorants on East Sand Island in the mouth of the Columbia River.     In June 2014, the  Army Corps of Engineers announced their proposal to kill more than 10,000 cormorants over a period of 3-4 years,as well as destroy 26,000 nests and all the eggs in them.   The Corps claims that the cormorants are eating too many salmon smolts as they migrate to the ocean.   The Audubon Society along with other conservation groups believe that the real cause of the decline of salmon numbers is directly related to the hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River.   They have gone to court to try to stop this unwarranted slaughter..but the killing,handled by the US Wildlife Services at taxpayer expense, persists.   A study done by the US Fish & Wildlife Dept, found that this plan to reduce the cormorant population would not be effective in increasing the number of salmon returning to the River...however, the plan was not released in time for the court hearing.   Bob Sallinger et alia are continuing to fight for the cormorants .   For further information on this topic, go to the Audubon Society website at:      for video and more info, go to:


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