Oregon writer Doug Matheson, author of "actually THINKING vs. just BELIEVING"

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Fri, 08/29/2014 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Oregon writer Doug Matheson, author of "actually THINKING vs. just BELIEVING"
Host Per Fagereng speaks with Oregon author Doug Matheson about his new book "actually THINKING vs. just BELIEVING."
“In ‘actually THINKING vs. just BELIEVING’, Doug Matheson discusses the importance of learning how  to think, not just what  to think.  The failure to do this has huge repercussions.  He also calls upon us all, including Christian conservatives, to take seriously humankind's stewardship of the planet on a practical level, and he asks everyone to take action to correct the sad inequalities of a world in which, in his words, 'our myopic preoccupation with economic growth and personal accumulation of wealth' leads us to ignore deterioration of ecosystems at home and around the world, and the growing threat to political stability globally.  This book is of value to anyone who believes we can be doing better.” 

The process of really learning from life requires at least:  careful observation, honest questioning and weighing of evidence, and a willingness to change your mind when warranted.  In short, this means being willing to move beyond what you happen to believe.  Matheson grew up the child of missionaries with a clearly defined set of beliefs.  Learning to question, to analyze, to re-evaluate, to think, to change, to grow, has been a life-long process for him.
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