New Devices to Monitor Air Pollution


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Mon, 07/21/2014 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
New Devices to Monitor Air Pollution
Health and Health Care Forum with host Roberta Hall

Diana Rohlman and Laurel Kincl of OSU's Environmental Health Sciences Center's Outreach and Engagement core talk with Roberta Hall about new devices to monitor air pollution.  Diana is wearing on her left arm a silicone wrist-band that absorbs thousands of chemicals from the air. In the lab, these chemicals will tell researchers about the air that the wearer has been breathing. On the table at left are two other devices:  hand-held spirometers to test lung capacity, and 2 sets of a smart phone that reminds the participant to use the spirometer three times a day and that records the data and the location (using GPS). Rohlman and Kincl talk about their work with two communities where devices will be used:  an industrial area in the WIllamette Valley and a region in Appalachia where hydraulic fracturing is being used to obtain natural gas. More information is at
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