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Wireless Radiation Pollution and the Electro-hypersensitive

In the last five years, new scientific studies show that the situation regarding wireless radiation pollution is far worse than thought in 2007.  As wireless devices have crept further into every day life, even for children, most people around the world now have far more daily exposure than five years ago. 

The levels at which undesirable effects on health and well-being are seen is much lower. The levels of concern have dropped lower in 2012 by 10s to 100s of times.  There is much greater involuntary exposure, and it is nearly unavoidable even for people who choose not to ‘go wireless’ (second-hand radiation effects). These exposures are linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes that may have significant public health consequences. The FCC is currently conducting a reassessment of its radiofrequency exposure limits and policies and you can participate.

Andrew Geller hosted this show about wireless radiation pollution and its health impacts. His guests were Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Canada's Trent University and Michael Bevington, a trustee of Electro-Sensitivity UK. Michael just updated his report on electromagnetic sensitivity summarizing over 1800 published scientific papers on the matter.  Plus your calls at 503-231-8187.

Bioinitiative 2012 - A Rationale for Biologically-based
Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity
Electromagnetic Radiation

International Agency for Research on Cancer - 2013 Monograph

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Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Non-Ionizing Radiation Section

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Electro-hypersensitivity and world-wide acknowledgement

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I have been sickened by wifi, cordless phones, cell phones, etc,  and am also affected by electromagnetic fields. I only discovered this about 6 months ago. I realize it is true, because when I avoid these things I feel quite a lot better. When I am exposed I lose my ability to think. I get a severe headache. I feel my nerves vibrating inside my body. I fall into a depression. I lose coordination. My left ear goes deaf. My face turns red. My muscles tighten up. I have difficulty breathing. I have tinnitus that will not go away. I become so tired that I need to lie down. I recently heard that mold can be at the bottom of chemical sensitivities, which I also have. I have read that EMF and RF multiply mold/yeast in the body. If this is true, it is no wonder I am sick. I am searching for a solution. Dr. Rea in the U.S. can apparently cure this. It is too costly for me. So, back to the drawing board. I am very worried when the Smart Grid will be fully operative here. I wonder if I will have to leave town. I have an 81 year old mother to take care of. I never imagined I would be so sick at age 57.

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