Author Clinton Galloway, "Anatomy of a Hustle: Cable Comes to South Central L.A"


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Thu, 05/02/2013 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Clinton Galloway discusses his book Anatomy of a Hustle: Cable Comes to South Central L.A.
HBO. CNN. BET.  These cable stations have revolutionized our television viewing experience and our culture as a whole. In 1979,  cable was still an emerging technology, but one that brothers  Clinton and Carl Galloway knew was worth pursuing. 
The Galloway brothers, both young, African-American professionals living in Los Angeles, had a dream of making sure that this  technological bridge to the future was equally accessible to the  most impoverished area of the city--South Central L.A.  In a surprising turn of events, the brothers' struggle to bring this  technology to 180,000 households reached the national level:  starting at the local district courts and leading all the way to the  U.S. Supreme Court. This journey is documented in the new book, Anatomy of a Hustle:  Cable Comes to South Central L.A.  Join us as author Clinton Galloway outlines the reality of trying to bring cable to South Central L.A.
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