Grateful Dead & Friends on 03/09/13

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Sat, 03/09/2013 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
The Grateful Dead introduce the Wall of Sound

Last month was the 40th anniversary of a truly legendary Grateful Dead show at Maples Pavilion on the Stanford University campus. Not only did they introduce many tunes to their live repetoire that day, but they also used, for the first time live in concert, a prototype of the Wall of Sound (2). And trashed it from the get go. You don't want to skip this. Playlist with links to full concert audio.


Feb 9, 1973 -- my second Dead show -- I was a sophomore at Stanford (now pushing 60).The Maples Pavilion floor was spring-loaded (for basketball, etc) -- as the crowd jumped up & down, the floor rose & fell by several inches; the stage was vibrating, too; good thing the speaker towers were all wired to the ceiling. P.S. .... especially during "Sugar Magnolia" -- Garcia had a HUGE smile on his face.Matt

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