Political Perspectives on 01/30/13

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Wed, 01/30/2013 - 9:30am to 10:00am
Just back away from the coal, oil and gas.

After decades of inaction, we are now rapidly losing the window in which we can act to prevent catastrophic climate change. Yet with all the continued global fossil fuel development underway, it would appear that the involved governments and private companies couldn't care less.  How about you?

Greenpeace has recently compiled a report detailing 14 of the world's biggest coal, methane, and oil projects and how their development would seem to doom any chance of preventing a climate catastrophe.

Tune in to hear Kelly Mitchell, a Coal Campaigner with Greenpeace discuss their report, Point of No Return and how Oregon (and the whole PNW really) features in all this due to interest in exporting coal.

Forget 2 degrees, World Bank says inaction means 4 degrees.

Using pretty pictures to explain dangerous climate change.

South American glaciers in historic retreat, water sources for millions

New WA governor: 'Coal Exports Largest Decision on Carbon We'll Make'

Port of Morrow (OR) coal export project

Coal Swarm (USA) (Oregon) (Washington)

Power Past Coal - Take Action in Oregon or in Washington

Stop Coal Exports 

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