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Thu, 07/30/2009 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Village Building Convergence and Urban Sustainability

Thursday July 30th, from 9 am - 4 pm, stay tuned for an all day Special on the Village Building Convergence and Urban Sustainability.

The Village Building Convergence, held every year in Portland in June, is a gathering of communities and neighborhoods coming together to create sustainable structures together. But it’s far more than that by reclaiming urban spaces the event helps plant the seeds for greater neighborhood communication, empowering our communities and nurturing our local culture.

Schedule of the day's programs:

The special begins at 9 am with a talk by Larry Korn, the author of ‘The One Straw Revolution”, speaking about natural farming -- A way of growing food without chemicals and without plowing, letting the weeds flourish to enhance the soil and crops.

At 10, Larry Santoyo speaks on a “Revolution into the Renaissance: A Permaculture Economic Stimulus Plan.”

Next we’ll hear about some of the workshops held at this year’s Village Building Convergence, including interviews with the organizers and a how-to on building cob structures with mud and straw.

At 11:30, a talk by Robert Bolman, a pioneering natural builder, on ‘The Elegant Collapse: Toward a Bottom to Top Restructuring of Human Civilization’.

In the afternoon, Paul Cienfuegos speaks on how corporations have usurped sovereignty, and how we can turn this around to address global warming.

At 12:30, an inspirational  talk by permaculture teacher and urban gardener Leonard Barrett on Leadership and Solving the Ecological Crisis.

From 1 – 2, learn how to begin composting, how to make seed balls, and more on building cob structures.

Then at 2, Diana Leafe Christian describes intentional communities and tips on seeking and joining a community. 

And at 3, a workshop on how to construct a top bar beehive.

More info at the City Repair Project website


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