Flashpoints on 11/13/09

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Fri, 11/13/2009 - 10:15am to 11:00am

An interview with Dr. Allen Kanner of the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood and a remembrance of Brother Blue, the official story teller of Boston, who died last week.


Congratulations and thank you for airing this story about an amazing gift to humanity.  My only regret is that the podcast abruptly ends in the middle of Brother Blue's story about this father.  Unlike the actual airing of the piece on 11/13, the podcast online ends just at the point where his father shot himself in the head but it does not reveal the rest of this incredible story of redemption and second chances.Is there any way to hear this complete story either online or through some other media?  My hope is you can update your podcast to include the complete story so those who missed the original broadcast can remember this national treasure and storyteller in all his glory.John Lee503-916-9144johnlee15315@comcast.net  

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