The Spirit of the Forest - Episode 08


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Wed, 09/02/2015 - 12:00am
A podcast featuring audio drama, dark comedy, & other unexpected vignettes from Corvallis & beyond.
This is episode 8 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama/comedy created by Corvallis resident Dan Crall, which reflects upon the sadness, absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.  

This episode features a friendly, casual rendezvous with religious propaganda and demon possession audio, a sketch centered around a man at a well-visited campfire who just wants a hot dog, a neighborhood walk and varied discussion with John and Matt, and an experimental narrative called "Walking" from Joan Schuman's larger audio work "Travels in Stasis."  The program continues with an eavesdropped phone call on yet another caller who mistakes my number as that of a taxi, and the violent background audio that follows as he and his partner were assaulted.  We hear a narrative about owning backyard chickens on an urban homestead, and conclude this episode with the narrative and spoken word piece, "Don't wanna live in Hoboken, New Jersey," which observes the state of most of the United States from a livability standpoint.
Featuring the music of Raison d'etre, Dan Crall, and Chris Fox, as well as the vocal talent of Solomon Crall, John Knight, Matt Burris, Dan Crall, an unknown late night phone caller, and numerous voices from various religious propaganda videos posted on youtube, this episode was recorded mostly in March of 2015.

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