Experience Gong Therapy - Gong Bath performed by Faye Henry

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Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:00am
Sound Healing: Experience Gong Therapy with Faye Henry
Gongs are one of man's oldest therapeutic instruments and are believed to have a profound effect on the nervous system.  They are reported to bring about relaxed and meditative states, aid in pain control, and decrease negative thought patterns, addictive behaviors, and depression.  Many people use gong therapy every day to 'raise their vibration', which improves the quality of their thoughts and actions, and helps restore a state of inner balance.

You can learn more and watch Faye Henry perform this gong bath using four Paiste Gongs at: http://www.tsvibrations.com  Click on 'Sonic Massage' and scroll down to 'Energize Your Field With Gongs.'

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