For Whom The Bail Tolls: Why Some Americans Go To Prison and Others Never Do

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Mon, 04/07/2014 - 10:00am to 10:15am
Interviews with Jim Powers and Jody McCafferee

An Omega Morgan megaload in Idaho. Photo: Jessica Robinson/Northwest News Network

The 'Mega' that we mean when we say 'megaload'...

Forest activist Jeffrey Luers is a changed man…and it hurt.  Today he talks about potential improvements that could be made to the West Third Avenue Alley, in Eugene, Oregon.  Over the weekend a strange article, a ‘megarticle’, so to speak, bubbled up out of the primal porridge.  In the piece, Luers says his experiences during the forest protests included being struck with clubs by U.S. Forest Service officers while he manned a barricade.  He said his disillusionment grew when he felt his peaceful attempts at making reforms were thwarted.
“So, ultimately, I ended up escalating the tactics for better or worse,” he said. “A few years later, Craig Marshall and myself concluded there is too much at stake to not do everything we could, so we hatched this plan to call attention to climate change.”
Meanwhile...  The families of those who died in General Motors cars with defective ignition switches want prosecutors to go after GM insiders responsible for letting the problems fester for more than a decade — and perhaps for covering them up.
This will never happen.  Americans have become inured to the fact that in the USA 2014 some people go to jail and other just do not. Ever. Luers was originally sentenced to 22 years in federal prison.  22 years. No one was killed, or even really seriously injured.  And for all we know, maybe a few who might have died or respiratory illnesses had a few more years of life. 
But the top level managers at , the people responsible for signing off on the agreed silence regarding defective vehicle, signed off on death warrants for their customers. They killed people. And they will never see the inside of a prison.
Meanwhile, Jeffery, keep up with the landscaping! It covers up a multitude of crimes.,..
Next:  So the University of Oregon is planning to make it more difficult to drive to the new Cascades campus.  Not that there are any more anarchists out there with the testicular fortitude to undertake dangerous actions in the name of the longterm life of life on earth.
How about 75 atheists, most of them former Mormons, marched around Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Sunday during the faith's general conference.
Many mailed resignations to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the end of the walk that was dubbed "the Mormon exodus and mass resignation event" by Atheists of Utah President Dan Ellis.
In case you had better things to do yesterday than watch Fox TV you may have missed that channel's celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Bush presidency.  Who says America doesn't have a political system based on royal lineage, money and power.  A meritocracy based on merit obtained through power and money.  Thus we witness the spectacle  of Jeb Bush proclaiming that  all the speculation about whether he'll run for president in 2016 is actually getting him more attention than if he had already entered the race.
Indians began voting Monday in the world's biggest election, with the opposition heading into the polls with strong momentum on promises of economic renewal.   Voting began Monday morning in the remote northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, with many traveling along highways, dirt tracks and rickety bamboo bridges to cast their ballots.   The country's 814 million eligible voters will vote in stages over the next five weeks — a staggered approach made necessary by India's vast size.
And today, Rwanda will mark the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the 100-day genocide.  President Barack Obama is remembering the victims of the Rwandan genocide.  The Prez sez the event he says was "neither an accident nor unavoidable."
A lot like the fabricated ‘Great Recession’.

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