Shalom Portland October 28 2009 - Hand in Hand, Hand to Hand, and Mark Rosenblum

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Wed, 10/28/2009 - 12:00am
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Hand in Hand     




Since 1997 Hand in Hand has been establishing integrated Jewish/Arab public schools in Israel.  We speak with Lee Gordon about these bilingual schools, the effects of integrated education on the pupils, their families, and the neighborhoods where the schools have been founded.

You can get more information about Hand in Hand at

Hand to Hand

On October 18th the Jewish Federation of Portland and the Mittleman Jewish Community Center hosted an ecumenical event where more than fifty non-profit organizations held a donation drive and a volunteer fair.  A  few of the agencies who attended tell what they do and how they can use your help.  Click here for a pdf that lists all the agencies looking for your help.

Mark Rosenblum, Founder of Americans for Peace Now  

Excerpts from an appearance in Portland in August are aired.  Professor Rosenblum speaks about current challenges and opportunities for the peace process, and the recent Fatah meeting, .  THE BROADCAST RADIO SHOW DID NOT HAVE THE FULL AUDIO.  Click here to go to the complete audio file as either download or streaming audio.

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I just found this audio online, the parts about the binational schools and the mideast were interesting.  How come there was no advance notice?  It would be nice to know when this show is happening again.

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