Chris Toensing on Egypt's Democratic Coup

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Mon, 07/22/2013 - 12:00am
Bill Resnick interviews Chris Toensing of MERIP about Morsi's overthrow in Egypt

Chris Toensing of the Middle East Report talks with Bill Resnick about the recent overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government elected a year ago in Egypt. Arguing that Morsi's government continued a number of Mubarak's neoliberal economic policies that are repressive to labor, and that it failed to provide needed order and services, Toensing suggests understanding Morsi's ouster as a kind of democratically-popular coup, and a continuation of the popular calls that began three years ago for bread, freedom, and social justice. But for the US government to recognize the events as a coup would entail a change of US policy toward Egypt.

After the interview, we hear a clip of electro-cha3bi music from the Cairo Liberation Front.

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