The Public Option in Banking - Ellen Hodgson Brown 2012


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Mon, 12/24/2012 - 12:00am
The Web of Debt author Ellen Hodgson Brown at the First Unitarian: "The Public Option in Banking"


Recorded at the First Unitarian Church of Portland, October 25th 2012.

"The Public Option in Banking" by Ellen Hodgson Brown, author of "The Web of Debt" and President of the nonprofit Public Banking Institute

Brown discusses the use of money throughout history including the early days of the U.S. How money comes into existence, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of North Dakota - the only state bank in the country.

The Federal Reserve, which is not federal or a reserve, was established 99 years ago: December 23, 1913.

Joining Ellen Brown in the panel and Q&A sessions include: Cameron Whitten, Barbara Dudley, Jared Gardener and David Bean

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recorded and posted by Mel Reslor

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