Out Loud wraps up 2011


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Tue, 12/27/2011 - 12:00am
Out Loud wraps up 2011

Tonight we focus on 2011 by welcoming back to the studio Heather Perkins and Laura Calvo. Heather shares some music samples from her year-long 365.52.12 project. Laura covers some of the political high lights and low life stories from 2011.

Our first music break is Heather Perkins' 'Pump It Up, Girls'

Carla talks with Heather about her mad science music making over the past year, and about Electrogals, the festival of women in the electronic arts. We take a break in our interview to hear 'The Great Curve', a Talking Heads cover that Heather created as part of her goal of a Talking Heads cover band.

After our discussion, we hear 'Requiem for a Squirrel' from Heather Perkins.

Next we welcome Laura Calvo back to the show. Laura was a regular contributor and host of Out Loud earlier in 2011, and she is current the treasure for the Oregon Democratic Party. Laura shares some of the top news stories of the year.

We wrap up the show with a couple of announcements:

Friday Jan 6th: Homomentum is happening at the Fez Ballroom. Doors @ 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. You can also find Homomentum on Facebook.

Dirty Queer is celebrating their 5 year anniversary on Friday, Jan 13 from 6 to 9 pm at In Other Words. You can also find Dirty Queer & In Other Words on Facebook.

We close the show with an interview with Sossity, the MC and mastermind behind Dirty Queer, as well as some stories from Dirty Queers themselves - sharing ‘What does Dirty Queer mean to you?’

Thank you for listening! Until next time, stay proud and live out loud!

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