Writers on Craft: Carolyn Conahan

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Thu, 10/27/2011 - 12:00am
Children's book author and illustrator talks about the process of learning from criticism

 Writers on Craft: Carolyn Conahan

Carolyn Conahan writes and illustrates her own stories, (most recently THE BIG WISH, published by Chronicle Books) She also illustrate books written by others, (such as BUBBLE HOMES and FISH FARTS, written by Fiona Bayrock, and THE DISCONTENTED GOPHER, written by L. Frank Baum) and is the staff illustrator for Cricket Magazine. At Wordstock this year she conducted a workshop entitled, Hit Me Again, I can take it! (Making the Most of Constructive Criticism). In this interview she talks about the craft of writing for children and also how writers can distinguish helpful from unhelpful criticism. For more about Ms. Conahan’s work:  http://www.carolyndigbyconahan.com/


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