Live from Occupy Portland Encampment: Where do we go from here?


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Thu, 10/20/2011 - 12:00am
Live from Occupy Portland Encampment: Where do we go from here?

Hosted by Jo Ann Hardesty and Dave MazzaLive from Occupy Portland Encampment!!!

Occupy Portland enters it second week of sustained action in downtown Portland this Thursday. What started as a 10,000-participant protest in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests has turned into fourteen days of demonstrations, speak-outs, teach-ins and community outreach. Where does Occupy Portland go from here?

This week, in a special live broadcast from the Occupy Portland Encampment Jo Ann and Dave will talk with Occupy Portland participants about their experiences, their hopes and where they see the protest going in the coming weeks. Will the nature of the protest be changing? Can this energy be sustained as weather and city hall turns colder? Join us as we discuss these and other questions this week on Voices from the Edge.

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Jo Ann Hardesty is a former state legislator, former executive director of Oregon Action and past board president of Portland Community Media as well as a long-time leader in the struggle for racial and economic justice. Dave Mazza is a freelance journalist and former editor of The Portland Alliance who has covered and been involved in Portland's civil rights, environmental, labor and peace movements for over 20 years

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