The American Muslim Woman, Who is She?


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Thu, 08/11/2011 - 9:30am to 10:00am
Interview; Fatemeh Fakhraie on I Speak For Myself : American Women on Being Muslim

The American Muslim Women. If she wears Hijab is she submissive? Can you be a Muslim and a Feminist? Corvallis based, feminist & blogger Fatemeh Fakhraie joins host, Linda Olson-Osterlund, to talk about the book I Speak For Myself : American Women on Being Muslim. 40 very different American women write about being a Muslim in the US today.


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Muslim women who wears a hajib is a choice even if she is outside of her country. I think it is just their way of showing their tradition. It doesn't matter how she dress but rather what's important is she lives in accordance with her religion. And please don't judge them on how they look. And feminism does not show on the looks but rather on the beliefs of the person.

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