Jayne Miller, founder of the Oregon Cougar Action Team, talks about Cougars

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Mon, 05/30/2011 - 12:00am
Jayne Miller, founder of the Oregon Cougar Action Team, talks about Cougars

 Host Stephanie Potter speaks with Jayne Miller, founder of the Oregon Cougar Action Team, an organization for Oregonians dedicated to the preservation of Oregon’s cougar and the ecosystem the cougar sustains. OreCat is an educational foundation working to help people make better decisions about cougars, promote open spaces for them, and create better wilderness management plans. OreCat offers educational presentations and tools for free to Oregonians, schools, communities and Churches to help citizens, livestock and agriculture enterprises live fear free with cougars as our Native Nations have done for thousands of years.



Hello everyone! 
I needed to make a couple of corrections regarding my presentation on cougars today!  I got off track when the phone went dead and wanted to finish explaining why more cougar are being killed after Measure 18 than before Measure 18.  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has never held to the letter of the law Measure 18.  After M18 was voted in ODFW changed their internal policies regarding cougar that has caused unprecedented killing and increase of cougar conflict issues.  ODFW increased the hunting season for cougar to one year, they lowered to the cost of cougar tags, included them in a package hunting deal and then started the public mandatory safety kill of 3000 cougar and the computer model cougar population count. 

Corrections:  Female cougars do not weight 180 pounds.  Their weight as decreased from 130 pounds to 80 pounds.

Regarding the species of deer ODFW found by accident to be poached more than legally killed, were Mule deer not mole deer!    However, if you find a mole deer I am positive it belongs to a leprechaun and needs to be returned to the wild, preferably near a mole hole.

Kindest regards,
Jayne Miller


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