Eclectic Pandemic: The Rose Looking Happy Face Show (Pilot Program) with DJ Thomas James

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Sun, 10/22/2023 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
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Join Thomas (EP), Cindy (Happy Face) and Linda (Rose Looking) as they discuss their experience, strength and hope with recovery, resources, service work and outreach in PDX and beyond.

This was the pilot program for "The Rose Looking Happy Face Show with Host/DJ Thomas James" which is now being considered by KBOO as a show in regular rotation every two months. The show highlights recovery from active addiction, resources and outreach in the PDX community and beyond. 

Cindy Mosley (Happy Face) and Linda Looking (Rose) are two women in long term recovery that wish to share a message of recovery with everyone and anyone willing to listen. They both are local native Portland residents, both got clean the same year (1978), both have 45 years clean and both are 72 years old. 

Linda (Rose) is a native Dakota from Poplar Montana Fort Peck Indian Reservation that lived there until she was 23 years old and moved to Portland, OR in 1975.

Cindy (Happy Face) is a "Swedikan" (she explains that) that grew up and resided in Minnesota until 1988 and moved to Portland, OR.

In this program Host and DJ Thomas James asks questions and plays song requests from Rose and Happy Face regarding their journey of recovery, their experience, strength, hope, treatment centers, outreach programs, The Pacific Northwest Council of Water Protector, Portland Indian Elders, NW Pilot Project, NARA impatient, Mother Nation, The Spirit Journey Recovery House through Catholic charities, Rose City Resource, Hooper Detox and Central City Concern.



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