Show #68 - Dreams

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Mon, 09/11/2023 - 2:15pm

Songs about Dreams.  There were so many songs to pick from.  Mostly, this show plays songs by well known artists from the Moody Blues to Fleetwood Mac, but we also have the group Python Lee Jackson (remember them?).


Opener - Daydream by The Lovin' Spoonful
Song 1 - Dreaming by Blondie. Played by Scott
Song 2A - In The Beginning by The Moody Blues. Played by Joe
Song 2B - The Dream by The Moody Blues. Played by Joe
Song 2C - The Voyage by The Moody Blues. Played by Joe
Song 3 - Dreamer by Dermot Kennedy. Played by Scott
Song 4 - Dream Baby by Roy Orbison. Played by Scott
Song 5 - Dream Gerrard by Traffic. Played by Joe
Song 6 - In A Broken Dream by Python Lee Jackson. Played by Scott
Song 7 - The Gunners Dream by Pink Floyd. Played by Joe
Song 8 - Dreaming Man by Neil Young. Played by Scott
Song 9 - Spill The Wine by Eric Burdon & War. Played by Scott
Song 10 - I'm Only Sleeping by The Beatles. Played by Joe
Song 11 - Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac. Played by Scott
Song 12 - The Last Dream by Ray Thomas. Played by Joe
Song 13 - Dream Of A Child by Burton Cummings. Played by Scott

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