Old Mole Variety Hour April 18th


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Mon, 04/18/2011 - 12:00am
Ayn Rand, Class Warfare, Public Goods

 Today's show, hosted by Denise Morris, features two conversations about Ayn Rand, an interview about public goods and the economy, and the latest scores for the current class-war.

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1. Bill talks with Martin Hart Landsberg about how public goods factor into economic prosperity.

2. Tom Becker reads Mike Whitney's "Class-Warfare Scorecard: guess who's winning?"

3. Joe Clement and Clayton Morgareidge discuss Ayn Rand's valorization of selfishness and Oscar Wilde's socialist alternative.

4. Joe and Frann Michel discuss the film Atlas Shrugged, based on Ayn Rand's novel about state-capitalist dystopia and her perversely capitalist alternative.



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